Training Foam

Virtual Foam

Buckeye Virtual Foam is a specially formulated, biodegradable, synthetic foam concentrate, which has been specifically designed for use as a training foam where NON-FIRE FIGHTING OPERATIONS are carried out. Virtual Foam is used where training with handline nozzles is required and when foam proportioning systems on mobile equipment must be checked. Virtual Foam may be used through air-aspirating foam nozzles, standard water fog and large monitor nozzles. When used through the same nozzle to simulate, for example an AFFF, it will produce training foam, which has similar characteristics such as expansion ratio and drain time, but without the foam blanket longevity or film forming properties.


  • Suitable for use with fresh or salt water.
  • Suitable for use with air-aspirating and standard water fog nozzles.
  • If inadvertently frozen, thawing will render product completely serviceable.
  • Suitable for use with all siliconized dry chemical agents.
  • Can be used at either 3% or 6% proportioning rate. The training foam quality will vary depending upon the type of nozzle used, (aspirating or non-aspirating), the operating pressure and nozzle flow rate.

Spec Sheet