BFC – HXF High Expansion Foam Concentrate

Buckeye High Expansion FoamBuckeye High Expansion Foam Concentrate is an Earth Friendly synthetic based foaming agent designed to be used with medium or high expansion foam equipment. When used with medium or high expansion foam generating equipment, it is normally proportioned at a 2.2% concentration (2.2 parts to 97.8 parts of water.) When used through a high expansion or medium expansion generating discharge device the following extinguishing mechanism takes place:

  • The large volume of foam produced blankets the area being protected and prevents air from reaching the fire.
  • As the foam is generated with water, and comes in contact with the fire, a large amount of steam is generated which helps reduce the oxygen content in the atmosphere.
  • The water content in the foam produces a valuable cooling effect on the fire. This is particularly so with medium expansion generated foam which has a higher water content.


  • Excellent wetting characteristics when used in combating Class A combustible fires.
  • If inadvertently frozen, thawing will render the product completely serviceable again.
  • Can be used with the foam compatible dry chemical agents.
  • Suitable for use with high and medium expansion foam generators.


When Buckeye Hi-Ex is mixed with water in the correct proportion, expansion ratios of up to 1,000 to 1 can be achieved. This expansion ratio is dependent on the type of discharge device and pressure of the system when operating.

Spec Sheet